On November 9, a group of enthusiasts and fans of creative content continued to improve their skills in the field of video editing at the Center for retraining and social and psychological support “Vector of Changes” within the framework of the Grant Program for participants of the exchange program of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

They improved their skills😊:

✅ in the selection of different types of content for your own videos;

✅ carried out the selection and installation on the PC of decorative fonts to your taste;

✅executed frame captions and created simple subtitles.

In the process of work, they replenished their energy reserves with sweets.☕️🍪🍪🍩

✅If you want to shoot cool, short videos 🎬🎬🎬

REGISTER FOR THE NEXT COURSE! 😉https://forms.gle/TsdFHExLu5QWXG3p8 ADDRESS: Ternopil Vocational College of TNTU named after I. Pulyuya, str. Tarnavskogo, 7. Additional information by phone: +380673557176