Educational institutions of technological profile arise only in case when the industry is repidly developing, state requires for the specialists with engineering opinion, technically literate, able to pioneer a new technics and new technology.

In early 1970's, in Ternopil, the developing of an industry requires an amplification of numerosity of the experts. That is why in 1974 has started to function FPE-9, which become forge of working stuff for industrial factories of the city.

In January 1994 the Ministry of education of Ukraine has eliminated VTSS-9 and on the basis of it has created the FPE TKTNTU

The chain of cpecialty was expanded, an integration professions were licensed and it allows to apply the knowledge and the skilled in a few fields of manufacturing. Today on the faculty we have not only the professions of technological profile but also the humanitarian:

  • a social worker; preceptress;
  • an agent of tourism,a guided tours.

Pedagogical group is a wonderful family of professionals, of wonderful lecturers, whose heart and soul are opened for children, the their main task is to give an important knowledge and an elite education for pupils,because then they would be able to get the diploma and would have a good perspective for the future.

The quality of preparation of specialists was always depended on professional craftsmanship of the group. Today, we have got 38 of staff lecturers 2 of them: PhD, 19 of lecturers with a high category, 7 of lecturers with the first category, 4 of lectures-methodist, 11 of chief lecturers. Inscribing of specialists from all lays are assuree by 11 commission of discipline. Own craftsmanship is given to the pupils by 35 of masters, and 19 of them have the rank of the 1 and 2 category.

The evidence of a high qualification group are the highest award. In recent years the honorable rank “Deserved worker education of Ukraine”has noted 2 lecturers, a charter by a Ministry of education and science of Ukraine were awarded 15 workers, 7 workers were awarded by a symbol “Exellent of education of Ukraine

For the full providing of an educational process on the faculty of professional education there are 27 of cabinets and laboratories, 7 educational-manufacturing of workrooms, which are staffed with a modern fitments, that give an opportunity for the future workers to orient on the labor market. In educational process are always using those mocks-up and models, which are manufacturing by a pupils on the classes of technical art. In laboratories and cabinets you can find an available descriptions of the practicals and laboratories works, technological cards, technical means of education, visual aids, stands. In educational process of FPE are used more than 50 units of computer technics, which are equipped in 4 educational laboratories. Beside this the special pride of the faculty belongs to thr library with a wonderful reading room, gum and gymnasium are also acting. Another acquisition of the faculty is cabinet-museum “Prosvita” which shows the history of the native land and ukrainian way of life.

There is situated the sanatorium where student can treat and hill themselves in the territory of faculty. Also there is a thing that can attract- every one can be provided with a doormatory, where a cosiness is welcomed.

Everyone who likes technics, who is attracted by the world of mechanisms, cars, clearly who likes children and own native land, it's hystorical memorials and culture, nature and surrounding world – you will not make a mistake if you enter the college to study on FPE.