Department of informational technologies, management and tourism – it’s a way to success and realization of your dreams and ideas.

We give our students the opportunity to show their talents and we are proud of them.

One of the components of the Bologna process - Magna Charta Universitatum, determines that the key of successful development of higher education  this is economic independence of its institutions. Unfortunately, in  time of market relations there is an overregulation of financial institutions at the treasury house, dependence on the state budget, vulnerability before regulatory agencies.

Through the commercial training ,Technical College has got the opportunity to increase the number of students each year, to expand opportunities for learning, to  improve social protection of workers and students regardless of economic situation in the country.

Faculty of Commercial Training was opened on the 1-st of October 1998 ( Order № 155a-01 at 23.09.1998 )

We are proud of our department. Today the department has 27 training groups of 850 students. 32 people learn perfectly, the rest of them learn the material well and satisfactory. The commercial form of education does not affect the quality of knowledge, because  students, like their colleagues from other departments,are studying with the same teachers,using the same program.

Graduates of higher  school, if they decided their choice, have the opportunity to study at the Department of Informational Tecnologies, Manegment and Tourism.The great role must be given to our teachers who  perform  career guidance and students, which are satisfied by their choice. The  multilevel  education introduced in our college enables students of training school  to receive qualification of worker, then qualification of junior specialist  and later Master’s Degree (MA).

Students of Department of Informational Tecnologies, Manegment and Tourism continue their further  education in bachelor groups of Technical college Ternopil’ Ivan Pul’uy National Technical University, Lyts’k National Technical University, Ternopil’ National Economical University, Ternopil’  Volodymyr Hnat’juk National Pedagogical University, National  University “Lviv Polytechnic”.

Innovative technologies are  actively implemented in the educational process of today. Information and computerization is carried out, modern education standards and  transition to new methods of studying are introduced.

There is a training by directions: “Tourism”, “Management and administration”, “Computer Engineering”. The process of studying  is  organized by highly qualified teaching staff. The main task  is  to train professionals who are able to work in market conditions,  organize their own business,  take a worthy place in  the economic  of our country.

If you want to get basic knowledge, to solve scientific and practical problems, find themselves in the world of science and technology- Department of Informational Tecnologies, Manegment and Tourism is waiting for you.

You will find at our branch many interesting people, see not only qualified teachers but also good friends and companions who can understand the students and listen to them.

If you  are sociable person who loves life and enjoys contact with extraordinary people-you’ll find many friends here.

If you want to take care of your career, earn money on training, right here you will realize your potential right here. Students during their studies have an opportunity find a job at school and beyond.

If you like fun, colorful performances and events - do not miss ! Student Council arranges it for you, then it turns student’s  cheerful temper and patriotic spirit .

In other words-students of  Department of  Informational Tecnologies , Manegment and Tourism are the best!