The students' studies based on course 131 "Applied mechanics" ( specialization "Welding" ) provides cyclic commission of Welding.

Training period:
on the basis of educational qualification"qualified manufacturer"- 1 year and 10 months.

After the graduation students get qualification"technologist".

The process taking place in economic life of a country, the entry of Ukraine into the civilized world community in determining the development of the national economy of new forms of organization of Welding, shortening of terms of its production, the widespread introduction of information technologies,computer technics, sophisticated automatic and electronic equipment, the necessity to ensure the the competitiveness of domestic products in the world market.

These tasks should do, first of all, technologists of welding production.

The qualification of Technologist allows:

  • The design and calculation of systems, components, parts, technological equipment, possession of tehnichnological methods, organizational and economic design in Welding production.
  • Based on knowladge of atomic- crystal structure - to be able to identify the factors that determine the weldability of metals and their alloys.
  • On the basis of physical and chemical processes students should be able to calculate the thermal welding processes, select energy sources, to determine the direction and intensity of the metallurgical processes and processes in different parts of welded connections.
  • To anticipate the technological strength of welded connections.
  • To be able to classify the main types of metal structures, their purpose, the basic elements; to know an information about the metal structures and the conditions of an exploitation.
  • To know the general position taking in the design of steel structures; to be able to classify the types of the stress on metal constructions.
  • to be able to rely the centrally stretched and compressed elements operating in conditions above and below the limits yield of material.
  • to know and possess basic ways of welding and weld types conections which are used in the manufacture of steel structures; qualified welding methods for physical, technical and technological features; to use the basic standards that govern the types of structural elements, the conditional symbols of welded conections.
  • To know the welding technology of corrosively resistant, heat-resistant, armor, cold-resistant steel and non-ferrous materials; polymer metals, special method of welding , brazing and thermal cutting.
  • To be able to use the welding materials and modern equipment.

After the graduation students may be able to work as:

  • a technician technologist of welding
  • a technician - mechanician;
  • a technician;
  • a thecnician of pre-production;
  • a technician of the preparation of technical documentation;
  • a master of production district.


After obtaining educational qualification of junior specialist, the college graduates of this speciality can enter the training for 3rd course of Ternopil Ivan Pul'uj National Technical University for obtaining the educational qualification of Bachelor (at a reduced training program) for this specialty.

Training in this specialty is inseparably connected with the production, so the teaching subjects of special series, special attention is paid to the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

By the commission of discipline of Welding secured laboratory and two specialized classrooms, their tasks are to deepen the study subjects, the implementation of practical and creative components of learning contents.