Our Technical college invites you to become a specialist in 122 «Computer Sciences and Information Technologies» (specialty «Maintenance of software systems and complexes»).

In modern life, information has become the main resource that has to be organized, protected, and managed. Perhaps, most people have personal computers that are really necessary and indispensable. Different e-mails, music, movies, books move from various devices into one universal – computer.

Maintenance and use of computer programs is a popular activity nowadays. According to statistics, nearly seven million people deal with software products development, and there are tens of millions of those who actively use software systems in their professional activities. Software systems play socially significant role that affects safety and welfare of society. The use of advanced information technologies sets new requirements for activities of enterprises, organizations, government agencies, businesses entities, etc.

Every person wants to have a profession that will ensure stable financial future, and with career prospects. Therefore, the specialty 122 «Computer Sciences and Information Technologies» is on the top of promising areas. This trend has changed the world. The specialty plays important role in its everyday transformation. Nowadays, we can’t do much without computers or artificial intelligence, and specialists of this area are in demand. Different useful, simple and affordable programs developed to make life easier for millions of PC users comprise numbers, algorithms and original ideas in their minds.

Students of the specialty receive theoretical and practical skills in operating systems (Windows/Linux) and the ability to solve such problems:

  • information theory covering the processes associated with the transmission, reception, conversion and storage of information;
  • creation, development, maintenance and testing of software using high-level languages (Pascal, C/C++, Borland Delphi, etc.);
  • HTML Web Page Design;
  • design, management and effective use of databases (SQL, etc.);
  • computer networks and network applications programming (principles of connecting a computer to the network, opportunity to provide resources, and use of network resources in local network);
  • protection of information in networks (techniques, methods and tools of data protection design).

Certificate of Secondary Education, working qualification (Computer Typesetting Operator), and junior specialist diploma (Technician / Computer programmer) are received by our college graduates of this specialty.