Specialty 242 “Tourism”(Specialization “Travel Service”)

Discipline 1401 “Service”

Junior Specialist at tourism industry is prepared to organize the hotel, restaurant and tourism activities. He is prepared for operation on positions related to the implementation of technological and functional processes in the tourism business, get  knowledge with ethical and psychological foundations of business communication.

Experts of  tourism services receive orders for providing  tourism services, quality control of tourism services, business correspondence using the computer; keep documents using office equipment, keep documents in the current activity, provide legal and organizational regulations of labor protection.

Positions that can be hold  by specialist :

  • Head of production units in restaurants, hotels, camping sites;
  • Assistant of manager of internal tourism;
  • Assistant manager of international tourism;
  • Agent of Tourism Organization;
  • Head of the tourist group;
  • Hotel administrator;
  • Operator of aided calculation in hotel;
  • Manager of reference service;
  • Organizer of trips (excursions);
  • Tour Guide, etc.

Graduates of specialty "Tourism" can continue their studying at  Ternopil’  Volodymyr Hnat’juk National Pedagogical University at direction of training "Tourism" by specialty 8.14010301 “Tourism Studies”(Specialist, Bachelor, Master), WYZSZA SZKOLA ZAWODOWA “KADRY DLA EUROPY”, Poznan’(Bachelor, Master).

For mastering the profession at a high level  college  is equipped with a motel laboratory, educational travel agencies, training bar.