Speciality 275 "Transport Technologies" (specialization "Organization of transportation and management of automobile transport")

The area of Knowledge 0701 "Transport and transport infrastructure."

Specialty provides an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in planning, organization and management of freight and passenger transport in urban, suburban, intercity and international routes; learn how to successfully manage modern trucking companies.

Educational process involves the simultaneous obtaining of a driving license category B and C, optional in-depth study of foreign languages.

Successful training enables to obtain a prestigious job, establish  own business, grow professionally and have decent income.

Qualification of technician and the organizer of transportations allows you to:

  • choose rational scheme of delivery of cargo and passengers, to draw up documents and calculate the cost of transportation;
  • determine the conditions, terms of transportation, methods and ways of handling;
  • prepare documents for freight forwarding services for foreign trade and transit cargoes;
  • use the substantive provisions of the customs law, cargo regulations in international traffic;
  • use the automated system of dispatching traffic management in urban areas;
  • develop rational modes of bus services;
  • implement and organize reception of orders for taxi cars;
  • calculate production program for exploitation of rolling stock;
  • carry out accounting of revenues;
  • maintain and save material resources;
  • draw up bus schedules for urban, suburban, intercity and international routes and timetables for route taxis;
  • prepare necessary documents for route passport;
  • drive and maintain transport vehicle;
  • analyze the main indicators of economic activity of transport enterprise;
  • take into account terms and features of commercial work on automobile transport.

After graduating from college students of this speciality can hold the positions of:

  • dispatcher;
  • accounting technician;
  • auditor;
  • documents appraiser;
  • exploitation department technician;
  • declarant of export and import of goods;
  • technician and organizer of international transportations;
  • inspector of international transportations;
  • bus station controller;
  • occupational health and safety technician. 

 After obtaining educational and qualification level "Junior specialist" college graduates can continue their education at:

  • Ternopil Ivan Pului National Technical University;
  • National University "Lviv Polytechnics";
  • National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use (the city of Rivne.)
  • National Transport University (Kyiv) and other leading universities in the country and abroad.

Training is carried out in the following cabinets: 

  • Cabinet of Repair of Motor Vehicles and the Use of Operational Materials and Saving Energy Resources;
  • Cabinet of Rolling Stock and Road Safety;
  • Cabinet of Transportation Organization;
  • Cabinet of Tourist Service Organization.

Classrooms are equipped with the necessary stands, posters, maps, computer equipment.

Students annually participate in the international scientific conference in Ternopil Ivan Pului National Technical University, repeatedly won regional and national competitions in  special subjects.

Educational excursions to automobile companies (LLC MB "Stellar", PJSC "Ternopil ATP-16127" PE "Nechyporuk Trasportservice") help students to deepen students their professional knowledge. During the study guided tours are organized to explore their native land. Students have the opportunity to engage in sports sections and amateur clubs.

Protection of diploma theses take place in front of  committees, which include leading experts of Ternopil automobile transport enterprises - DTV "Ternopil ATP-16127", LLC MB "Stellar" CE " and others.

Every year in October traditionally decade devoted to the Day of Motorist is held at the college. At present students can express themselves in a variety of competitions - ranging from professional, intellectual competitions to ending sporting events and artistic performances. The highlight of the decade is the auto show "Me and my car," whose members demonstrate their driving skills.