Specialty 073 "Management" (Specialization "Manufacturing Organization").

Discipline 0306 "Management and administration".

Specialists on  specialty "Management" can work:

  • in the departments of industrial enterprises of different ownership;
  • Production and Dispatch Department;
  • Planning Department;
  • Accounting;
  • Supply department;
  • Marketing department;
  • Finance department;
  • Department of automated control systems;
  • Administrative and managerial staff of the regional, city and district level;
  • Management structures of cross-sectoral industry on state and regional levels;
  • Department of foreign economic relations of enterprises;
  • Office Manager.

"Production  Organizer" qualification allows:

  • to work as entrepreneurs, managers, marketers, advertisers, heads of industrial and economic services, accountants, economists, computer operators engaged in manufacturing, trading activities regardless of ownership;
  • respond quickly at changing work situations;
  • be engaged in business activity in small business;
  • organize a work of unit station;
  • make production plans, business plans;
  • analyze the quality of products and services and apply different methods of control;
  • analyze the staff evaluation;
  • analyze  the market opportunities of business;
  • manage marketing activities of the company: form a commodity policy of the enterprise and determine the level of its competitiveness; justify the initial price for products and services; 
  • choose the best channel of  product distribution; calculate the cost of production and sales;
  • simulate the process of advertising using modern technology; create advertising requests;
  • organize exhibitions, auctions, seminars and other events;
  • negotiate effectively with partners;
  • develop recommendations for moving goods to market;
  • organize and carry out accounting and audit of the company;
  • organize automated workplace of  economist, accountant introducing advanced forms of accounting;
  • collect and  systematize the  information on the movement of goods, cash means, cash and credit that make up the complex of finance and business of the enterprise;
  • prepare payment documents; issue bills for payment, invoices for goods issue; keep accounting of fixed assets, costs of production and sales, the payments from debtors and creditors;
  • perform the necessary calculation and payment of taxes for enterprises;
  • analyze the financial position of enterprises.

Graduates can continue their education at universities, which train on  specialty "Management", including Ternopil’ Ivan Pul’uy National Technical University.

  • Educational and practical training on specialty “Manufacturing” is carried out in specialized classrooms and laboratories of college;
  • operations research and optimization methods, companies’ finance; product quality management and innovations;
  • computer technology and programming;
  • Fundamentals of management; economic theory and the theory of economic analysis;
  • micro- and macroeconomics; statistics; accounting, accounting and auditing; marketing;
  • Economics and manufacturing;
  • Economics of Enterprise.

Personal computers are  used for practical execution and course works. The appropriate software is installed for studying  subjects "Manufacturing", "Economics of Enterprise", "Fundamentals of Management",etc.