Training the specialists of the speciality 133, “Mechanical Engineering”, specialization The Technology of Materials Processing at “The Machine Tools and Automatic Lines”,) is carried out by board of teachers of the Mechanical Disciplines.

  • On the basis of a basic general secondary education- it is 3 years and 10 months.
  • On the basis of a complete general secondary education- it is 2 years 10 months.

After graduation, students will receive the qualification of the technologist.

The technologist`s qualification includes:

  •  to  select and identify materials which are used for machine elements;
  •  to select  the ways of making the blanks of the machine parts;
  •  to  design advanced engineering processes for machine part blanks  using computer technology;
  •  to  use the skills of production organization;
  •  to diagnose and control the technical quality of the machine`s elements and mechanisms;
  •  to  maintain highly automated equipment, machine tools with numerical program management;
  •  to design the manufacturing equipment.

After college graduation  the students will be able to occupy a  position of:

  • the technologist of the machining  processes of the development`s production;
  • the designer of the design tooling;
  • the designer of  the mechanical area;
  • technologist of the Computer Numerical Control (СNC) system programming of the automated production;
  • the foreman of production area.

Final-year student   who receive the qualification level of “Junior Specialist ”at college, can prolong their study on the third course at Ternopil National Technical University named by  Ivan Puluj :

  • Mechanical Engineering  Faculty,  speciality 6.050502 “Engineering Mechanics”, specialization  7.05050201,  8.05050201 “Mechanical Engineering Technology”;
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Food Technologies, speciality  6.050503 “Mechanical Engineering” speciality 7.05050301, 8.05050301 “Metal-Cutting Machine Tools and Systems”.

This speciality training process is closely connected with the production that is why special attention is paid to the practical application of the theoretical knowledge during teaching the special course. Practical classes at  this speciality, held in college workshop`s  and at Ternopil plants that are equipped with metal-working equipment: Ternopil State Scientific and Technological Plant “Promin”, Open Joint Stock Company “Ternopil Combine Plant”, LLC, OSP “Vatra Corporation”, JSC “Tehinmash”, Joint Stock Company “Ternopil Radio Plant Orion”.

One laboratory, two workshops and six specialized rooms were assigned to the mechanical discipline`s board of teachers, which are intended to provide an in-depth study of subjects, to implement the practical and creative components of the training content and to organize the work of groups.