The Bachelor is focused on such areas as construction, maintenance, repair and manufacturing of cars. He is going to work in design and technology departments of enterprises, institutions and offices, repair services, in organizational and management services, as well as in various research institutes, laboratories, teacher at vocational schools, universities of the first and second accreditation levels, in commercial firms, related to the sale of technological equipment and cars, in advertising agencies of a similar profile.

The Bachelor's activities are the development, under the supervision of the specialist, of the vehicles’ constructions, equipments and support industrial production, as well as modernization, installation, operation of the machines, apparatuses and equipments.

The Bachelor's professional tasks are the development of structural elements of the equipments, development of simple technologies, design tools, design and production of the machines, devices and equipments, their maintenance and repair. Professional tasks are performed under the supervision of the specialist.

Successful completion of the Bachelor's program provides an opportunity for further educational-professional program of the fifth degree to obtain the qualification level of the Specialist’s Degree or for educational and research program of the first degree for the scientific level of the Master's Degree, as well as continue his self-education.

The typical tasks that can perform a graduate of the higher educational qualification of the Bachelor’s Degree specialty 274 "Road Transport".

 Production functions

The typical tasks of the activity




Preparation of technical specifications for the creation of mechanization and automation and feasibility studies developed structures used in road transport.

Development of monthly, quarterly, and annual plans (schedules) of different types of the vehicles and equipments repairing.

Design of sketches, technical and working projects of medium complexity aggregates and technological equipments.


Study of the technological processes to identify stations, main auxiliary activities and operations which are subject to it, mechanization and automation.

Development of the normative materials on preventive maintenance and repair of vehicles and equipments (range of repair and maintenance costs, lifetime of spare parts, range of variables and wearing parts, norms and limits the cost of lubricants) of the trucking companies and repairing plants.

Implementation procedure works and operational route of the products.


Instructing and assisting workers in the development of new designs, automation and mechanization in the trucking companies.


Implementation of the integrated and regulated services that provide timely adjustment and repair of the equipment rack to the effective work of the transportation enterprise.

Study and analysis of the design documentations received from other companies and organizations for its use in design process components and technological equipment of motor transport enterprise.

Development and implementation of measures to improve the production efficiency, aimed at reducing the cost of the materials, reducing the complexity of production, productivity and safety in the road transport business.


Implementation of the control under the correct operation of the machinery and other equipments.

Control over compliance deadlines compilation of the data defects, requests for the repairing of vehicles.

Defining indicators of the designed technical units and technological equipments.

Conducting the control over compliance with the technological discipline in the transport enterprises and proper maintenance of the technological equipments.