Dear students!

You are the greatest wealth, beauty and hope of our country! The world of knowledge is waiting for you! You should equip yourself with thorough knowledge.

Always keep in your mind that the knowledge is gained only by hard and intense work.You ought to study and your parents, friends and teachers would be proud of you!

May your dreams come true! May your heart will fill with love to Ukraine. May college be your Alma Mater and the first higher educational institution in your life!

College always was and will be a holy place, a centre of knowledge. It is a place where the students acquire knowledge of friendship, good and evil, mutual respect, mutual understanding. After finishing you will become skilled specialist in chosen profession.

If you like techniques, keep an eye on development of science and techniques, possess analytical mind and want to be of great use to other people you should choose one of the professions that are available in Technical College.

The most convenient conditions for the students to become skilled specialists are created in our college.